Paul installed a new AC in my home he did a amazing job my home has never been colder thank you airbenders for the amazing work you did

Martha C.


Paul was a God send for my family! I thought my family of 5 would melt in this summer heat when our air conditioner started pouring water and stopped pushing out cold air. We have had issues before with it, as its an older unit, but this was new and felt permanently broken. So my husband and I are panicked, thinking its time to replace this super expensive machine and wouldn't you know i just lost my job too...thanks COVID 19! So how will we finance one?!?! Paul came in, took a look and told us that it just needed a good cleaning. He also looked at our filter and told us that we have the wrong size in. This is significant because I have had multiple other HVAC repair companies come for other issues and have been buying the wrong size for years and he was THE FIRST TO EVER TELL ME!!! You heard that right yall..
Those other companies let me continue to use a filter 2 inches too small when I had no idea (just used same size as previous owner). This made my ac get dirtier and caused the break down. They could have helped me prevent this mess, but let it go in hopes i would call them back for an expensive repair. I wont name them here bc i dont want to get sued, but they are big names in the area. Paul was honest. He did a great job. His prices are fair. And since I'm being honest....my air conditioner has literally never ever ever been this cold. The upstairs usually stays hot and stuffy....not anymore....we busted out the big blankets because its actually cold up here now!!! Call these guys if you have problems! Best, most honest, well prepared and they know their stuff! You won't regret it!

Adrienne M.